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Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and unwind on your outdoor decking after a tiring, long day spent at work or after doing some heavy household chores? Perhaps hang out with the kids on your garden decking with a glass of lemonade in your hand.

Deck installation has become popular nowadays for the comfort and practicality it provides. But before doing a deck installation, you must know that there are several factors you need to take in to properly weigh up your choices. With Colchester Decking Builders, you are guaranteed that you’re in good hands. Our team of professional decking builders provides a wide range of decking options for you and your outdoor needs.

Location, materials, design and outdoor space size — these are some of the factors that determine what type of decking material you need for your outdoor space. With us, we help you determine a ballpark amount to kick-start your budget.

For every decking project, we place our clients’ needs on the top of our list. It is our job to make sure that your ideas and preferences are heard of. From the generation of ideas and choosing the right materials up to the installation and maintenance phase, we’ve got you covered.

We have had clients who had their commercial or residential areas transformed into more relaxing spaces with our top-notch decking installation services. Over the years, we have provided comfort and luxury to our long list of clients.

Our team of experts specialises in decking, and they assure that your needs are properly placed and your expectations are met while still within your budget. Our decking services include timber decking and composite decking.

Timber decking provides a more classic, rustic atmosphere to your outdoor space while composite decking is a more contemporary approach in elevating your outdoor space. While these two are totally different in terms of features, they sure will give your space a cosier, more relaxing vibe.

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Is Decking Installation Expensive?

The decking installation cost is determined by several factors. Here are two factors that you must consider:

● Area Size – most often than not, the decking installation can be done in 2 to 3 days.
● Materials Used – materials commonly used for decking are softwood or hardwood timber or composite. Each, however, is slightly more expensive than the other.

The installation of decking in Colchester can start from £1000 to £2000 for softwood or hardwood timber decking on one hand while on the other, prices start at £1900 to £2000 for composite decking.

The decking installation might cost you more than what you initially thought; thus, it is important that you think it through as it is not a simple project. It is equally important, however, to consider the fact that it is made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic.

With this, weighing costs against benefits makes it easier for you to decide. Luckily, Colchester Decking Builders can help you with that. Our experts are always ready to help you with your decking needs.

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One-Stop Shop for Your Decking Needs

Your budget ultimately controls the choices you make for your decking installation, and we, at Colchester Decking Builders, understand that. This is why we put so much value to your money. We will help you arrive at a decision that will make the most out of your finances. Our products and services are tailored to fit your budget and design, and we do this to ensure that we are able to deliver the best without trampling on your finances.

You are free to decide which decking material will better fit your design and preferences. Each material varies in terms of features, costs and functionality.

Timber Wood as Decking Material

Timber is the traditional and original material used for decks. It is why it has been a crowd favourite ever since, and it is the commonly used material in decking. Among the decking materials, it is the real deal because it has this natural look and warmth. Our expert deck builders in Colchester will help you pick out the right material between softwood and hardwood.

What is Softwood Timber?

Softwood decking is made from fast-growing trees such as coniferous or evergreen trees. To protect softwood from fungus and various insect attacks, it should undergo proper treatment before being used. When speaking of long-term use, pressure-treated softwood is the safest and best option. Here are some advantages of using softwood timber:

Our clients’ satisfaction will always be accounted for. So our services include a 15-year warranty for possible damages caused by fungus or insects that feed on wood. At Colchester Decking Builders, we give you more than what you paid for.

What is Hardwood Timber?

In contrast to softwood, hardwood decking boards are cut from slow-growing trees, such as ash or oak. Their structure is more complex and harder. These woods are more difficult to process than softwood which makes them more expensive in the market. Here are benefits of using hardwood:

Generally, hardwood is less costly to maintain but more expensive to install. Here at Colchester Decking Builders, our goal is to use sources that are environmentally sustainable at competitive price ranges.

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Composite (Alternative-Wood) as Decking Material

Composite or alternative–wood has quickly become the most in demand decking material for residential and commercial use in the past couple of years. It serves as an environmentally friendly timber wood alternative that uses both plastic and wood fibre, thereby making it resistant to decay.

Decking installation is a big feat to accomplish. With the help of our decking experts, your composite decking plans will successfully come to life without any worries. From the necessary skill set to the new installation tools and equipment, we have it in store for you.

Colchester Decking Builders: Maker of the Best Timber and Composite Decks

Now that you have a design or a general concept of what your garden or backyard deck would look like, the question now is: what’s next? Educating yourself about the right decking options for you is important, that’s why Colchester Decking Builders are here to guide you. We make sure that we deliver our promises with our top quality decking supplies and services. Here are reasons why you need to choose us:

Functional Designs

Our clients’ ideas always come first. If they feel the need to ask for help to better their ideas, we come up with our own design or do some adjustments on the client’s original design taking in his or her preferences.

Customised Services

We always first assess our clients as to what they really want, and from there we make a personalised and well-structured design.

Less Spending

We respect and value our client’s budget, and so it is our main objective to work hand in hand with them. No hidden fees or costs are charged against them.

Comprehensive Services

We have worked on different types of decking projects for years, and our services come with maintenance and repair.

Quality Supplies and Materials

What the clients are really after is the overall aesthetic look. Luckily, we provide both beauty and functionality.

Competitive Prices

Just as we strive to make our decking installation services unparalleled, our goal is to always set prices that are reasonable and competitive for our clients.

We, at Colchester Decking Builders, are more than willing to let you experience our services.
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Decking Installations: What Do I Need to Consider?

A deck is considered an extension of your house, and thus, it adds value to your home. A deck, therefore, is actually beneficial in many ways. The right decking company can actually transform your plain outdoor space into a relaxing space.

The answer depends on the type of your decking material. Normally, deep cleaning is needed every 2 months. Here are more tips to maintain it:

● Check for any chips or scratches to avoid any accident;
● Check for loose screws or nails as these might cause accidents;
● Use cleaning agents that are appropriate for your decking material; and
● Immediately address areas that need repair.

This usually depends on what the client wants. Softwood is the cheaper choice, while hardwood gives off a classic look for your outdoor space. However, if you want little to no maintenance, then composite decking is for you.

The space of your area determines the time needed for its completion. The least would take 2 to 3 days for the project to be done, but this ultimately varies on the number of workers and the tools used.

This rests on what type of decking material is needed for your outdoor space, and also on the overall structure of your design.

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The things and tips that you need to know about decking installations are all here at Colchester Decking Builders. Our materials and services are made to fit the needs of both homeowners and business owners.

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