Hardwood and softwood timber decking in Colchester

Timber Wood

Timber decking gives off this natural warmth and timeless feel to your patio or garden, and this can be pulled off by doing the right treatments and finishes to it. At Colchester Decking Builders, we have all the proper equipment and tools to perform the right treatment and installation. Softwood and hardwood are two of the most common types of timber decking board, and each has their own unique features.

Softwood Decking

Softwoods are the most popular material for homeowners. They are usually treated to protect it from decay and mould. Colchester Decking Builders uses softwood decking boards that are made compatible with Q-Grip Strips or slip-resistant inserts. Since these woods are from fast- growing trees, they are considered to be eco-friendly.

To give you better understanding on softwoods, it is important to know that even if they are durable and could withstand harsh weather conditions, however it is not as good as hardwood’s durability. Here are more things that you should know about softwoods:

Hardwood Decking

Since it is made from slow-growing trees, hardwoods have a harder core and exterior. Also, hardwoods come in different colours and finishes which make them more versatile for your decking preferences.

In choosing hardwood, you can always count on it as your decking material. Invest with Colchester Decking Builders for your hardwood needs. Our supplies and materials only come from sustainable sources. We assure you that our hardwood boards can resist decay and withstand heavy traffic. Our deck builders are here to make the installation process smooth and worry-free.


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